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banned for ''racism''
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Wed Sep 18 2019, 09:25am
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so a couple days ago i was playin with some friend on the 40-1 map voting server in rs2.
and i got banned for sayin the phrase ''boon gang whole lotta gang shit'' a couple times on voice chat.
which is a phrase in a subjectively funny video:

I got banned by RedMistUk for 14 days, heres the screenshot.

so i'd like to know how this ban was justified and how it was racist? he couldve not find it funny but how would that be a reason to ban someone? also i wasn't spamming the mic, i didn't even got a warning for that aswell if i were.

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Wed Sep 18 2019, 09:51am
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this video is so funny i went through the trouble of reporting it to try and this guys account removed/banned.

it's hilarious.

I am not even going in to the ban (still, just like when u added me on steam to complain) but to be fair;

Now my opinion: If this is your sense of humor you don't belong on our private hosted enviroment. It contrasts everything our clan stands for and tries to instill on our servercommunity and contrary to what you believe purchasing this game does not give you an inherent right to play our server.

Obviously I am biased and I will be upfront about it too, my personal opinion does not matter at all bc what actually happened will be investigated and you will be judged for those actions alone. But you are a very immature piece of trash, just laying it out for you, hoping you will understand, which I doubt, because you seem somewhat limited. Your lowbrow criminal humor is a testament to that. You have 0 social credit score with me, actually.. you are deep in the red.

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Wed Sep 18 2019, 10:06am
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uh? ok. i been very polite to you. and you call me a immature piece of trash. can i talk to an actual representative of your clan that is more mature?

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[40-1] REDD Clan Captain
Wed Sep 18 2019, 10:16am
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Ban stays.End of discussion.

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