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Sat Sep 28 2019, 03:29pm
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Some good guys on here ruined by jumped up admins who like to kick when they don't get their own way. Ch1cko or whatever the hell your name is, i ended up single manned in a tank after people left. You chose to ignore the fact that i had already taken out a firefly, an enemy scout car and forced a Cromwell to retreat. All the while i had you moaning and bitching in my ear that you wanted my vehicle because i had become single manned and you'd lost yours. You then kicked because you didn't get your own way. I standby what i said. You are a dick.
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[40-1] REDD Clan Captain
Sat Sep 28 2019, 03:50pm
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Had you come to the website and explained the situation in mature manner we would have looked into it.Your disrepct to a admin on this website is not acceptable.You are lucky not to get a server ban for it.
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